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• Rotate the steering disc to make it move up-down for quick operation and labor-saving. Besides, it won’t leak oil like hydraulic type.
• Special designed upper jaws to adjust up-down and front-back direction for fixing the spring tightly, safely, and stablely.
• The compressor fixed base could hold the cylinder center very easily and it’s very convenient to dismantle.
• The lower supporting stand could prevent the shock absorber from moving downside to make the cylinder to be deformed.
• Specially designed for dismantling shock absorber, applicable for most cars.
• Patented.

1. Rotate the gear wheel of the steering disc to drive the upper jaws in up-down
direction. Quickly operation and no oil leakage problem.

2. The fixing hook was installed inside carrier shim and the jaw could be adjusted
in up-down and front-back to be appropriate position for pressing the spring
equally and safely.

3. Fix the cylinder in center position and no need to hold too tightly as the lower stand will
support it and prevent the cylinder from being deformed due to force.

4. Adjust up-down direction to support the shock absorber for easier operation.