EL-trommel 15m


Air hose reel is designed to keep air hoses wrapped into together and stored safely and neatly. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and it is usually used in garages or car repair plant. A compressed air hose reel provides the ability to store a compressed air hose to save space.  Air hose reels keep the air hoses in the garages clean, fresh and ready to use at any time. In addition, tripping accidents often happen in the garages because of the loose air hoses, which can be well solved by using air hose reels.

•  Unique winding system automatically layers the hose back and forth across the reel
•  Adjustable hose stopper
•  Hose latching mode switch – free wheeling
•  Position locking bracket mounts on wall, ceiling, service truck, etc.

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