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  • Xeramic Cockpit Spray 500ml

    Cleans and protects all plastic and vinyl parts of dashboard and upholstery in the car. Is anti-static and protects treated components from discoloration. Contains no silicons and is completely colourless.

  • Xeramic Contact Cleaner

    Very effective cleaning liquid espacially formulated for cleaning and decreasing all machanical parts and systems from oil, grease and other deposits. Dissolves resinified contamination. Quick drying.

  • Xeramic Diesel Injector Cleaner 250ml

    Cleaning and protection of the injectors in modern high pressure common rail diesel systems. Protects against corrosion and reduces soot emmissions Contains a lubricity improver for extra lubrication.

  • Xeramic Glass Cleaner 500ml

    High qualitiy and very affective cleaning product based on water and special cleaning additives. Removes squashed insects, grime and traffic deposits. Removes greasy finger marks and does not affect rubber and lacquer.

  • Xeramic Handcleaner Yellow

    Harmless to the skin. Suitable for removing oil, grease etc. Has a pleasant smell. Rub both hands properly to the dirt dissolves. Carefully rinse with plenty of water.

  • Xeramic Hydraulic Valve Lifter 250ml

    Designed to dampen the sound caused by worn hydraulic tappets. Loosens polluted stuck parts of the hydraulic tappets and thus dampens teh sound of the valve mechanism.

  • Xeramic Instant Gasket Black 200ml

    Resist transmission fluid, water oil and antifreeze. Temperature range -73°C up to 200°C. Not suitable as a replacement for head gaskets.

  • Xeramic Instant Gasket Red 200ml

    Resist transmission fluids, water, oil and antifreeze. Temperature range -73°C up to 343°C. Ideal for replacement gaskets for valve covers, transmissions and sumps, water pumps, thermostat housings, asbestos exhaust manifolds and many more.

  • Xeramic penetrating oil mos2

    Cleans dirt and grime, loosens rust and scale and penetrates seized parts.Penetrates into inaccessible places and contains excellent moisture resistant qualities resulting in a quick loosening of rusted nuts, bolts, hinges, exhausts etc.

  • Xeramic Petrol Injector Cleaner 250ml

    Cleans and prevents deposits in the entire injection system. Dissolves varnish, gum, resin, etc. throughout the fuel system. Cleans injectors thoroughly providing optimum spray pattern.

  • Xeramic Radiator Sealer 250ml

    Effective and fast acting product to seal and protect the cooling system. Durable sealing of leaks (up to 0.9mm) and hair cracks in the cooling system.

  • Xeramic X-40 Ceramic Multi Spray

    Multifunctional liquid with high-tech ceramic material to clean, protect and lubricate. Rust preventing and sticks to any surface and does not affect lacquer. Penetrates into inaccesable places for optimal lubrication.

Viser 97–108 av 108 resultater