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  • Tetrosyl standard tynner 5L

    Tetrosyl Standard Thinners is a solvent for use with cellulose paints.
    It offers good drying times and is faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners.
    Suitable for thinning, removal of cellulose paints and cleaning of equipment.

  • U-Pol 2K Solid Gloss Black 5L

    High quality acrylic solid colour for direct application over U-POL primers. Easy to polish when cured by air, low baked or I.R. cured.

    • High build U.V. resistant coating
    • Excellent filling power, gloss and long term durability
    • Use with S2030 and S2032 hardeners
  • U-Pol 333 Cutting Compound 1L

    A cutting compound designed to remove abrasive marks – P1500 grit or finer. Ideal for surface defects and contaminants, restoring paintwork to a high gloss finish.

    Scratch resistant
    For use with foam or wool mop, with or without water
    Free from silicone and ammonia

  • U-Pol 334 Fine Finishing Compound 1L

    A liquid compound to remove fine abrasive marks – P2000 grit or finer. Restores dull oxidized paintwork and blends in dry edges of a repair. Suitable for all finishes including dark colours.

    Scratch resistant, swirl eliminator
    Free from silicone and ammonia
    For use with orange foam mop (QWMFFF)

  • U-Pol 335 High Gloss Final Glaze 1L

    Recreates a durable professional high gloss finish. Suitable for all modern paintwork whether aged or new.

    Eliminates holograms and swirl marks
    Easy to apply and remove
    Water miscible, free from silicone and ammonia

  • U-Pol Acid#8 Etch Primer 1L

    ACID#8 is a fast drying primer to help paint adhere to difficult substrates. Ideal for rub throughs in primer prior to application of colour on new bare metal panels. Also available in 450ml aerosol.

    • Anti-corrosive prevents steel from rusting
    • Can be directly overpainted – no sanding required
    • Chromate free formulation
  • U-Pol B Glass Fibre Bridging Compound

    A strong polyester glass fibre filler that can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Suitable for bridging holes and rust in steel and GRP surfaces.

    • Excellent gap filling properties
    • Water resistant when fully cured
    • Easy to cover with standard polyester filler
  • U-Pol Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator 1L

    A quick drying yellow oxide isolator. Ideal for restoration work, prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.

    • Ready for use
    • Overcoat with a suitable primer in 1 hour
  • U-Pol D Aluminium Paste Kit 1.1L

    A versatile polyester filler reinforced with aluminium flakes for high adhesion across multiple substrates. Ideal for metallic alloy wheels, aluminium panels or restorations for a metallic finish.

    • High density filler
    • Soft and smooth application
    • Excellent filing properties
  • U-Pol Dolphin Glaze 440ml Bag

    A fine finishing glaze designed to eliminate pinholes and surface imperfections prior to painting. Its self-levelling formulation gives a smooth, ultra fine finish with requires minimal sanding.

    • Excellent adhesion
    • Easy to sand
    • Self-levelling
  • U-Pol Ev Clearcoat Accelerator 500ml

    Liquid additive for use with U-POL EV paint systems. Specifically designed for 2K UHS clearcoat systems.
    Offers increased workshop throughput and energy savings.
    * Improves the cure time for UPOL-EV paint systems by 30-50%
    * Speeds up demasking and overpainting when mixed with 2K EVclearcoats and solid colours
    * Significantly reduces stoving times

  • U-Pol Fibral Glass Fibre Paste 900ml

    Two component sandable fibreglass filler which takes the place of short and long strand products. Ideal for bridging holes while providing a tough, resistant GRP coating.

    • Watertight seal
    • Can be sanded and shaped once cured
    • Easy to cover with standard polyester filler and can be overpainted directly

Viser 37–48 av 108 resultater