Petromark Airco Cleaner Foam 250ml

PETROMARK® 10212 AIRCO CLEANER FOAM is a high quality ultra-active foaming cleaning product for all air-conditioning systems. Deodorizes the system rapidly and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Instructions for use: Treatment has to be done by a professional workshop! To be sure the evaporator is not cold or moist the air-conditioning system needs to be switched off a few minutes before treatment. It is very important to apply the foam as close as possible to the evaporator. This can be done by removing some components such as the interior filter, ventilation motor etc. so the spray nozzle at the end of the long tube gets close to or against the evaporator. In some cases it is also possible to clean the evaporator through the water condensation drainage facility. If necessary, remove components that might be damaged during the treatment. The content of the aerosol is suitable for 1 treatment. Allow at least 15 minutes for the product to take effect, and then switch on the fan at slow speed for 5 minutes. For optimal result refrain from using the air-conditioning system for a few hours.

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