VW Transporter T5 and Touareg Diesel Timing sett (2.5/4.9D/TDI PD)

* Designed for gear driven engines where the injection timing is controlled by the camshaft followers
* For locking camshafts when checking and adjusting timing.
* For removing and installing camshaft drive gear and eliminating play in gear train.
* Application: VW Touareg and Transporter 2.5TDI PD models with engine code: BAC,BLK,BPD,AXD,AXE,BLJ,BNZ,BPC(05-09) and 4.9 TDI PD models with engine code: AYH ,BKW, BLE,BWF(03-09).
* VW number: T10193. T10194. T10199/1. T10226. T10225. T10234

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